The Perfect Living Room Curtains:10 Different Ideas for Living Room Curtains

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So you finally moved into your new place and you’re ready to make it feel like home. One of the easiest ways to transform a space is with curtains. But between the dizzying array of fabrics, styles, and hanging options, figuring out what curtains are right for your living room can feel overwhelming. Don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to choose the perfect curtains for your space so you end up with something you love. Whether you have big windows or small, want to block light or let it in, are working with a tight budget or want to splurge, there are Living Room Curtains out there that will complete your living room. Let’s dig in and find the ones that are perfect for you.


Choosing the Right Living Room Curtains for Your Space

The right curtains can make or break your living room. Choosing Living Room Curtains that complement your space and style is key.

First, consider your living room’s size and amount of natural light. For small or dark rooms, opt for lighter colored or sheer curtains that won’t overwhelm the space or block light. In larger, well-lit rooms, you have more flexibility with darker, heavier fabrics.

Next, determine the look you want. Casual or formal? Modern or traditional? Curtain styles run the gamut from simple panels to elaborate swags and valances. Match your living room’s decorating scheme for a cohesive look. If unsure of a style, classic and versatile tab-top or rod pocket curtains are always a good choice.

Don’t forget hardware. Choose a rod that’s the proper width for your window and complements your curtains. Extend the rod 3 to 6 inches on either side of the window for optimal coverage. For added functionality, consider curtains with built-in hooks or a curtain track system.

Finally, consider layers and accents. Pair solid colored curtains with patterned sheers for depth. Add decorative touches like tiebacks, tassels or trim for an extra special look.

With some thought about your needs, style and budget, you’ll find living room curtains that turn your space into a showstopper. Keep experimenting – you can always change things up with the seasons or when you’re ready for a new look!

Top Trends for Stylish and Functional Living Room Curtains

When it comes to Living Room Curtains, you’ve got options. Lots of options. But don’t stress—we’ve got the lowdown on the top trends so you can find the perfect pick.

neutral solids

Can’t go wrong with neutral, solid-colored curtains. Beige, gray and white are classic choices that go with any décor. Look for blackout curtains to block light for movie nights. Or opt for sheers if you want soft, filtered light.

patterned prints

Make a statement with patterned curtains featuring geometric shapes, botanical prints, ikat or chevron stripes. But keep the pattern medium to large scale—you don’t want the pattern to overwhelm your room. Pair patterned curtains with solid-colored walls and simple furniture.

floor to ceiling

For a dramatic look, hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor. This helps the room appear more spacious and airy. Rod pocket or grommet top curtains work well for this application. Make sure to get extra wide curtains, at least 2 to 3 times the width of your window.

double duty

Looking for multi-tasking curtains? Consider blackout curtains lined with thermal or insulating fabric to block light and insulate. Or get curtains with built-in valances or drapery headings for a custom designer look without the custom price tag.

With so many stylish and functional options, you really can’t go wrong. Just keep your room’s style and needs in mind and you’ll find living room curtains you’ll love.

How to Hang and Care for Your New Living Room Curtains

Now that you have your perfect living room curtains picked out, it’s time to get them up! Hanging and caring for your new curtains properly will ensure they look their best and last for years to come.

Measuring and Mounting the Hardware

First, you’ll need to determine where you want to hang your Living Room Curtains and measure the width of your window or the area you want to cover. Make sure to get hardware that is at least 4 to 6 inches wider than your measurement so the curtains can open and close freely. You’ll also want to measure the height you want your curtains to fall, from the rod to the floor.

For most living rooms, a rod mounted near the ceiling, about 6 to 8 inches above the window frame, works well. This helps the curtains cover the maximum amount of wall space when open. You can get basic curtain rods that attach to the wall, or splurge on decorative rods that match your room’s style. Follow the instructions to securely install the mounting hardware in studs or drywall anchors in the wall.

Hanging the Living Room Curtains

With the hardware up, it’s time to hang those curtains! Ensure the tops of your curtains have rod pockets or tab tops to thread onto the rod. If not, you can attach clip-on curtain rings or grommets to the curtain tops.

Gently slide the first curtain onto one end of the rod and move it around so it’s evenly draped on both sides. Repeat with the remaining curtains, evenly spacing them out across the rod. For the best look, your curtains should just lightly rest on the floor or window sill. You can then open and close the curtains along the rod to adjust as needed.

Caring for Living Room Curtains

To keep your living room curtains looking fresh, vacuum them regularly to remove dust and lint. For washable curtains, launder them in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleaching. Tumble dry on low heat while avoiding over-drying. For dry clean only curtains, take them to be professionally dry cleaned once a season or if visibly soiled. With proper care and cleaning, your curtains should provide an attractive focal point in your living room for years to come!


So there you have it, a quick guide to help you find the perfect curtains for your living room. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options and styles out there. Start with the basics by determining your needs and style, set a budget, and think about the overall look you want to achieve. Once you have the fundamentals down, the rest will fall into place. You’ll be enjoying your cozy, stylish living room in no time. And if after following this guide you’re still struggling, take a deep breath and remember that curtains are meant to enhance your space, not stress you out. You’ve got this! Now go forth and make your living room a place you love.

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