Title Short on Space? Try These Perfectly Sized Short Curtain Rods

So you’re short on space but still want to add some style and privacy to your windows. Don’t worry, you’ve got options. Curtain rods /Short Curtain Rods come in all sizes these days, from extra long to super compact. The trick is finding ones sized just right for your space that still make a statement.

In this article, we’re going to cover some perfectly sized short curtain rods that were made for apartments, RVs, and anywhere else a standard sized rod just won’t cut it. These mini rods pack a punch in a small package and are ideal for windows under 36 inches wide.

You’ll be able to find options for bay windows, corner windows, and standard windows. So free up some space and say goodbye to boring, uncovered windows. The right short curtain rods is out there, you just have to know where to look.

Benefits of Using Short Curtain Rods

Short curtain rods are perfect when you’re short on space. Their compact size means they don’t take up much room, so they’re ideal for small windows, closets, cabinets and tight spaces.

One major benefit of using short rods is they don’t require much wall space for installation. If you have narrow windows or not much area on either side, short rods are the way to go. They typically extend just 3 to 5 inches from the wall, some even less, so they won’t make your space feel cramped.

Another plus is short rods are lightweight, so they won’t damage your walls. You can easily install them yourself without tools in just a few minutes. Most short rods use screw-in brackets, tension mounts or adhesive pads that stick right to the wall or window frame. When it’s time to move, they remove cleanly without damage.

Short rods give you styling flexibility too. You can choose from simple, minimal designs or more decorative options with finials, crystals or scrollwork. They work with most curtain types, including cafe curtains, tier curtains and tab top curtains.

If you’re ready to open up your small space or add a finishing touch to a closet or cabinet, short curtain rods are an easy, affordable solution. Once installed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use them sooner. Your compact room will feel more open, cozy and complete.

Choosing the Right Short Curtain Rod for Your Space

Choosing short curtain rods for small spaces can be tricky, but with some tips you’ll find the perfect fit.

Size Matters

Measure your window carefully. For small windows, look for rods under 36 inches. Extendable rods are great for odd-sized windows. Consider a rod with a low profile that won’t overwhelm the space.

Mounting Options

Ceiling mounts and high mounts can open up a room by drawing the eye upward. But for low ceilings, opt for standard mounts. Low-profile brackets keep things streamlined. No brackets at all? Look for tension rods that grip the sides of the window frame.

Style and Function

Double rods are ideal for layering sheers and blackout curtains in one compact rod. Or try a rod with built-in sheer and blackout drapery for a space-saving solution. For privacy, choose room-darkening or blackout curtains.

The Right Hardware

Choose sleek, minimal hardware that complements your décor. Unobtrusive end caps, simple finials, and low-profile rings or clips allow your curtains to be the focus.

With some smart choices, you can enjoy beautiful curtains no matter how little space you have. Measure carefully, keep hardware minimal and low-profile, consider multifunctional rods, and choose the right curtains for your needs. Most of all, don’t be afraid to go bold—even small windows deserve a splash of style!

Stylish Short Curtain Rod Options for Every Room

Stylish Short Curtain Rod Options for Every Room

When space is limited, short curtain rods are a perfect solution. These compact rods give you options for adding style and function without taking up much room.

For small windows, a tension rod is an easy, adjustable option. These spring-loaded rods simply wedge into place, so no tools or installation is required. Tension rods come in a range of sizes for windows 18 to 48 inches wide. Choose from basic metal rods or decorative styles with finials for a touch of flair.

If you want a more permanent solution, consider decorative traverse rods. These compact rods attach to the wall for stability but still only extend 24 to 48 inches from the wall. Traverse rods give you the option of opening and closing curtains with a smooth gliding motion. They’re ideal for small bathrooms, closets or kitchens where limited space is a factor.

For extra small windows like those in an RV or camper, mini curtain rods are just the thing. These tiny rods are only 12 to 24 inches long but still give you the option of adding privacy and style with cute curtains. The small size makes them easy to install without needing tools. They’re also very budget-friendly, often costing less than $10.

When choosing curtain rods for small spaces, look for options specifically designed for windows 24 to 48 inches wide. Measure your window carefully to get the right size. And don’t forget, you’ll want to choose curtains that don’t make the window or room appear cramped. Light, airy fabrics in solid colors or small prints help a small space feel more open.

Keeping your curtains and hardware in scale with a small room can make a space feel cozy rather than cramped. The right short curtain rod and curtains add style without sacrificing precious square footage. With options for every room and budget, you can give even the tiniest window a designer touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Short Curtain Rods

What are short curtain rods?

Short curtain rods are compact rods designed for windows less than 36 inches wide or for other small spaces where standard rods might not fit.

Why should I consider using short curtain rods?

Short curtain rods are perfect for smaller windows, closets, cabinets, and tight spaces, making them an ideal choice for apartments, RVs, and other compact living situations. They add style without occupying a lot of space.

How do I install these curtain rods?

Many short rods offer easy installation methods such as screw-in brackets, tension mounts, or adhesive pads. Often, no tools are required, making the installation process quick and hassle-free.

Are there decorative options available for short curtain rods?

Absolutely! While there are simple and minimal designs, you can also find short rods with decorative finials, crystals, or intricate scrollwork to match any décor style.

What’s the difference between a tension rod and a traverse rod?

A tension rod is spring-loaded and wedges into place without any additional hardware, making it perfect for temporary or non-drilling solutions. A traverse rod, on the other hand, is mounted to the wall and allows curtains to open and close with a gliding motion.

Can I use any type of curtain with these rods?

Short curtain rods are versatile and compatible with various curtain types, including café curtains, tier curtains, and tab-top curtains. However, for best aesthetics, it’s recommended to choose curtains that complement the size and style of the rod.

How do I choose the right rod for my small space?

Measure your window carefully and consider the mounting options, style, and function you desire. opt for rods specifically designed for windows 24 to 48 inches wide, and choose curtains that don’t make the space feel cramped.

Are these rods expensive?

Price varies based on design and material, but many options are budget-friendly. For instance, mini curtain rods suitable for RV windows often cost less than $10.

Can I use short curtain rods for bay or corner windows?

Yes, there are specific short curtain rod designs tailored for bay windows, corner windows, and other unique architectural features.

How do I care for and maintain my short curtain rods?

Most rods can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust. For specific care instructions, especially for decorative rods, it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


  • So there you have it, a few options for curtain rods that won’t overwhelm your space or break the bank.
  • Any of these choices can help transform your room from bare and boring to cozy and stylish.
  • The best part is you don’t need mad DIY skills or a huge budget to make it happen.
  • A few screws or adhesive hooks and you’ll be well on your way to a cuter, cozier space.
  • Who knew such a small detail could make such a big difference? Now get out there and pick up some curtain rods—your windows will thank you!

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